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I constantly strive to increase my knowledge and expertise in the investigative field.
I do this by attending seminars, research, and ongoing educational endeavors. More
than anything else, I let my work speak for its self.

Fighting Workers Compensation Fraud requires several elements.
1. A claim of injury 2. A statement of disability 3. Video catching the claimant in a
bold face LIE. A review of a simple case illustrates these elements; A female
employee claimed an injury to her shoulder. In her statement of disability she
testified that she can not lift her right arm above her head. I obtained Video of this
person placing groceries in the back of her mini van then reaching up with her right
hand and closing the back of her mini van. Case CLOSED!

Who do you send? 1. Someone from your office 2. Hire a national detective agency
3. Hire a local Joe to be your eyes and ears. Some insurance companies Send
someone from their own office to watch a claimant for several days. The overhead in
these instances are astronomical and the agent’s knowledge of the area is limited
not to mention that your companies’ liability is on the line. The number one cited
reason for using a national detective agency is reduced liability exposure to your
company but national agencies have drawbacks too. Often times they sub the work
out to a local investigator and pass the expense on to you. In reality, all they really
provide is name recognition. In many cases these “national” Agencies call a local
guy and pay him to do the work then charge you more and pay him less.

One National agency billed their client for the flight, the car rental, the motel, and
their hourly rate. The invoice was over eight thousand. Ironically, a few months later
they called this same national company requesting additional work on the same
case on a rush bases. This time around the National agency turned them down
because the client was not allowing for normal turn around time. In desperation, this
client turned to the Internet searching for someone local to rush out and investigate
this hot tip. As fate would have it, they called me and I was out the door and in route
as we continued our cell phone conversation.

The client was nervous and I tried to reassure him that if his information was correct
I would be in position on time because I was already in route. This only made this
man more exasperated because He had not yet faxed me the case, their contract,
and other pertinent information. Again, I tried to reassure him by explaining that I
had worked this case about a month ago and was very familiar with the target, the
lay of the land, the company the target was hauling for, and the rig that the target
drives. The phone went silent. Puzzled I asked “Are you there?” He responded with
a barrage of questions. My answers convinced him that I was telling the truth.

Well I got my man that cold winter night. I got video as he entered the gated facility
hooked up his rig and drove away I listened to him chat it up on his radio which
confirmed as I had expected he planned to stop at the truck stop ten miles south.
Guess who was there to document his arrival. Guess who was there as he opened
his barn doors and backed up to another truck and offloaded what I suspected to be
stolen merchandise. Guess who was there documenting his every move which
proved he was not injured and unable to work as he had stated to the insurance

It was a good night but it was not the end of the matter. The client appreciated my
work but now also realized that the national group had ripped them off. My cost was
under two thousand but the national agency had invoiced for over eight thousand
pocketing over six thousand for work they never performed and expenses that they
never incurred.

Getting results without getting ripped off; Regardless of who you use, you need to
hold them accountable. My verification methods are state of the art and designed to
give you peace of mind.
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