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             Top Ten Signs of Cheating

1. Unusual calls, text’s or IM’s that have your spouses attention but are quickly cut
off when you are near by. Turning off their cell phone completely which means that
you are unable to contact them.

2. Working late or being at the gym every night. This is a classic sign many people
wonder why their spouses are suddenly working late when they have never before,
going to the gym but not losing weight, taking a class that has unusual hours or
being late for anything in general to which they have no reasonable explanation.

3. Sudden concern about their appearance, over preening, new hair cut or clothes.
For men it can be something as simple as suddenly showering everyday but for
women it can be much more of an overhaul.

4. Over mileage on the car. If you suddenly see that the car is being used more than
it should, new tires are needed or the mileage is coming on strong and your local
stores or work places are nearby then keep an eye out. Mileage of that caliber does
not happen on a normal shopping trip or school run.

5. Avoiding sex or becoming over sexual more than normal. Most people when
being unfaithful to their partner feel the need to be either distant to you or are
suddenly really into you.

6. Everything is suddenly an argument. This is a form of reverse psychology; by
getting you into a fight about something and then storming out they are able to feel
less guilty as they can say it was your fault. For you it works as you are left feeling
that you are the one to blame. This one sucks so look out for it.

7. They stop talking to you or suddenly start talking to you all hours of the day and
night. Again this is a guilt thing so be vigilant of sudden bouts of silence that does
not end no matter how you try or sudden bouts of constant chatting and asking
questions about everything you are doing, where you are going and why.

8. You are the one that is being accused of being the cheat. They suddenly take an
interest why you were late the other night, why your cell phone was turned off even
though you proved that the battery had run out. You see cheaters often try to cover
up what they are doing by accusing the other innocent partner of cheating. They
feel it takes some of the heat off them.

9. A change in their working schedules which are confusing and irregular. You see
no increase in their wage and when you so speak to someone whom they work with
they have no idea what you are talking about.

10. They jump on the mail as soon as it arrives. This is difficult if you have a join
bank account but credit cards that they have in their own name are another story.
The bill when it comes in is whisked off never to be seen again.  If they are taking
out large cash withdrawals from the bank but cannot give reason to where they
have spent it or are hiding statements it is probably because they have no way of
hiding they had dinner at a restaurant on Friday when they were supposed to be
working and were not with you.

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