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This is my passion and one of the primary reasons I separated from my previous
employer. Their primary source of income = government contracts and my
willingness to assist someone behind bars or to investigate claims of government
corruption frightened them. Just because one is "found" guilty does not mean they
ARE guilty. Some in prison claim they have been wrongfully accused or wrongfully
convicted. I investigate the facts.

The United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, admits that
statistically 8% to 12% of all state prisoners are either actually or factually innocent!

According to the Innocence Project, which has now had some 100 death sentences
overturned based upon post-conviction evidence, reveals that a study of the first
seventy cases reversed:

Over 30 of them involved prosecutorial misconduct.
Over 30 of them involved police misconduct which led to wrongful convictions.
Approximately 15 of them involved false witness testimony.  
34% of the police misconduct cases involved suppression of exculpatory evidence.
11% involved evidence fabrication.  
37% of the prosecutorial misconduct cases involved suppression of exculpatory
evidence.  25% involved knowing use of false testimony.

Convicting an innocent person represents a grave failure in our criminal justice
system. How Often Does The Criminal Justice System Get It Wrong?

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